How to Make a Great First Impression

Our wardrobe is not the only thing that sends signals about us to others. We start sending signals even as we are entering a room; the way we walk, the way we greet, how we speak… all of this transmits loads of information about us, this is why it is crucial that we learn about non-verbal communication.

The first step to making a good impression? Simply say “Hello”, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, or “Good evening”, this is so important! And sadly, I see over and over again how people are losing this simple act of courtesy. Other gestures that are important when greeting are, looking people in the eyes, and not turning your back, it is very easy to make the mistake of making a wrong gesture and consequently giving a bad impression or looking rude.

Communication does not start when we speak, it starts even before we make visual contact with the person, this is why our image and our non-verbal communication are so important because it communicates so much about ourselves even before saying a word or having any physical contact.

Having a job interview?

First of all, you’re on stage even before you enter the office so as soon as you enter the building smile and look friendly (you never know who you’re in the elevator with!).

Make sure you are being courteous with everybody when you arrive at the receptionist (no more than 10 min. earlier) make sure you introduce yourself and avoid using your cellphone.

Important issues to consider when we enter an office:

  • Never turn your back as you close the door and do not close the door abruptly.
  • Do not sit down unless you are asked to sit down.
  • Be very careful how you greet, in this case, it is recommended to use handshakes.
  • Never put your personal belongings on someone else’s desk.

All these gestures can drastically impact your level of success in a job interview.

Going to a party?

When you arrive at a party and you hardly know anybody, your body language, and eye contact are going to play a very important role. As soon as you come in:

  • Be aware of your energy (you want to show self-confidence), and your body language.
  • Make sure you establish eye contact.
  • Introduce yourself or greet (If you know the guests).
  • Avoid isolation, do not stay in a corner by yourself as if you don’t want anybody to see you.
  • Please put your phone away (I know the technique of using your phone for support and to disconnect) this will only make it much harder to feel confident, give a good impression and meet people.
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