Social Skills

The Key To Success by Vanessa Bolet

This book will help you work on emotional and social skills while also learning how to teach these crucial lessons, preparing your child to have a success in life, relationships, and work.


About the Book

In a Fast-Paced, Diverse, Competitive and Digital Age. Today’s Kids are missing Something: Social Intelligence.

Social skills are a set of behaviors that allow us to interact with and relate to others effectively and satisfactorily.

We are social beings, interacting and communicating with others is necessary to survive, grow, develop and live harmoniously.

It is crucial to pay special attention to the development of social and emotional intelligence in children since these skills will be essential for their adaptation to society, these skills will give them the tools they need to succeed personally professionally and socially. Social skills are a fundamental factor in any scenario, these skills will give self-confidence, a positive attitude, better academic performance, prevent anxiety in different situations, facilitate emotional communication, build healthy relationships with others, communicate effectively and successfully resolve conflicts.