Find your Purpose and the Meaning of Life

Do you ever wonder what is your true purpose in life? What’s the meaning of everything that is happening around you? Do you sometimes get up tired, grumpy and with no energy?
Depression and self-doubt work as an avalanche that affects not only you but the people around you. And we have ALL been through it at some point in our lives, but why?

The answer is very simple. You feel discouraged, you haven’t found your purpose. The first step is to know the difference between emotional pain and suffering. You see, pain is inevitable, we will all feel it at some point, but suffering is different, it is optional it’s a choice, it’s a consequence of how we deal with pain. If you have been feeling depressed for over two months, you are suffering. On the other hand, pain has its own cycle, we feel it but if we know how to deal with it in a healthy way, we know inside of us this pain will bring us wisdom so although we don’t like it, we appreciate it and most importantly we learn that alongside this pain there are also positive emotions related to the situation we are dealing with.

“Where is the positive learning I will get with this uncomfortable situation?”

When you are able to answer this question even when facing tough situations, you nourish your mind and your soul, you evolve as a person.

What is the purpose of life?

To begin with, we must differentiate between individual purpose and common purpose. Common purpose involves all of us; on the other hand, individual purpose refers to YOU, to what you can bring to others around you, your community or to the world.

How to know if I’m going in the right direction?

We must first understand what moves us in the WRONG direction.


Not realizing your value, your worth and the importance of knowing yourself. You are so worried about everyone’s opinions or approval; you are so aware of the negative things happening around you that you become blind to see your amazing ability to transform your mind and to be happier.


Emotional pain and sadness are part of life, but depression has a lot to do with your perspective and the negative thoughts you might have about your experiences in life and yourself.  A pessimistic person will feel hopeless, trapped, frustrated, with no possible options or support. A person who goes through life like this will have a really hard time finding that amazing gift he/she has inside.


Apathy is the next natural outcome that most of the time comes from depression. Laziness and oppositional behavior to do something about your circumstances. Many times, we know what we MUST do and in which direction we must go, but we CHOOSE not to do it; therefore, we will find it very hard to obtain positive consequences in our life. We let ourselves be controlled by our emotions, we don’t take initiative or new challenges in life, what do we end up getting? A never-ending feeling of failure.


Doubting yourself and others around you. Not listening to your needs, you are so busy and preoccupied in finding excuses and doubting yourself that you lose your sense of direction and purpose.

How do we connect with ourselves and find our purpose?

1. Give yourself time and patience

Focus on self-growth and self-knowledge. Get used to being alone with yourself so you can start listening to your thoughts, needs and desires. A big way to do this is by meditating every day!

2. New challenges

Your brain needs stimulation, remember this always! it needs to get used to new challenges and changes even if it makes you uncomfortable. Try something new, something you haven’t done before, get out of your comfort zone. Be adventurous and open-minded in your life and learn from those experiences, live fully!

3. Find your tribe

Find people who support you in your emotional growth and who inspire you. We grow the most when we have a support system, how do you do this? Go out and meet new people! And don’t stop until you find these people who will add value to your life and share your passions and remember to also support them in the process, this is how we make long lasting healthy connections.

4. Personal Development

We not only need to have a tribe, but we also need to improve ourselves, to learn from different sources and people in every area of our life. Read books, watch movies, study people who feel happy, fulfilled and who are comfortable with themselves. Lastly, learn from your circumstances, find the positive in the negative things that happen in your life. Visualize your success, what you want in life and make it consistent with the choices you make. For me this is the true definition of success: aligning your dreams, wishes, and choices and making them a reality.




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