Loneliness: What does it mean? & How to Cope?

Alone, unnoticed, misunderstood… Maybe it’s because you’ve lost someone you love, you’ve suffered a heartbreak, a disappointment, maybe you feel abandoned by your partner even if you have formed a family with that person. My point here is, loneliness is difficult to explain but we will agree that it is a feeling of sadness that disconnects you from a lot of the things that mattered before. This feeling of pain blocks us from seeing beyond the sadness, and it makes it even more difficult when you would like to share this feeling with someone who could understand you, but there is no one. You see, it really doesn’t matter how many Instagram or Facebook friends you have. Although nowadays we are more “Connected” than ever, we are also more isolated than ever. You might have 5,000 followers on Instagram and not a single person to call to let out any issues you might be having.
So what do we do? First thing is to understand what loneliness really is and also learn how to cope with it.

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